Terms And Conditions

A –Trademarks: The trademarks and logos appearing on the website are a property of the FCA. Except what is permitted by law or legislation, using these trademarks is prohibited without a prior permission from the FCA.

B –Prohibited Use of the Website: In accordance with terms and condition of use, FCA prohibits using its website for any prohibited or illegal purposes. It is prohibited to use the website in a way that damages it or breaks it down. FCA also prevents using the website to transfer, disseminate, distribute or circulate any defamatory, obscene, unethical, illegal or non – legislative materials. It is not allowed to breach all things related to intellectual property rights, copyright and trademarks.

C – FCA website Users are not allowed to send unauthorized or unwanted e-mails to or through the website. This includes advertising products, services and publications, in addition to falsifying any address of Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), Internet Protocol (IP) or any part of the address information in any e-mail. Additionally, sending news groups is not allowed.

D – Users, surfers and visitors are prevented of conducting any attempt to test, survey or examine the possibility of striking the website (its network and system). It is also prohibited to violate these procedures, their integrity and documentation without a prior official permission or authorization from the FCA.

E – Users, surfers and visitors are prevented to attempt interfering with service provided by the FCA to any user, surfer and visitor. It is prohibited to increase loading, seek UDB flood by sending e-mails and destroying the website.